Call it what you will, but mass gainers are here to stay as the wonder food of this generation. These scientifically engineered products came into being owing to severe demand-pull from high earning professionals across the globe. This segment wanted to be healthy but had no time to go to the gym and pump iron. Moreover, recessions in various countries have been more frequent in the past two decades, albeit milder. These periods of slow growth have engendered severe competition for resources available within the society. Looking and feeling good is one way to attract attention, gain mass appeal, and approval from the opposite sex. And therefore, mass gainers made from whey protein supplements have been flying off the shelves in both physical and online stores for the past few years. Lots of unmarried girls who want to gain muscle mass before their wedding use whey as the way out. Moreover, young guys tired of being called skinny desire such wonder food at interesting price points.

The basics of whey and how it works!!!

Now that you have gained a sound understanding of why the demand is so high for whey protein supplements, we will now tell you what they are made of and how they work. Whey protein supplements that serve as mass gainers are basically anabolic steroids that aid in protein synthesis, stimulate tissue growth and insulin production. Catabolic steroids are a different category and release energy through oxidation. We will limit our discussion here to anabolic whey protein supplements that are queried in search engines aggressively.